S&R Pools: Pool Liner Replacement

woman relaxing in pool

The hot summer days are finally here. You’d like to jump in a nice cold pool of water. You’re excited to rip off the pool cover and notice a problem. The lining of your pool has deteriorated. It’s no good anymore. It needs to be replaced. The experts at S&R Pools in Columbus, NJ can…

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Signs It Might Be Time To Replace Your Pool Liner

woman sitting on side of pool

It’s that time of year again — the days are longer, the temperatures are rising, and if you own a pool, you’re probably counting down the days until you can open your pool for the summer. If you’ve had your pool for several years, you might be noticing some signs of age. For instance, the…

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What is the best liner pattern for my pool?

When the time comes to choose a replacement pool liner there are hundreds of choices for you, and making the correct color choice is a difficult decision.  You need to make sure that it goes well with your backyard, and with your tastes, so where do we start? Light Vs. Dark First thing to ask…

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Installing an inground pool liner

The first and most important thing that needs to be done correctly for a proper liner fit, is a good, accurate measurement.  If you are not sure how to accurately measure your pool it is best to hire a professional.  There are some people that measure pools for other pool professionals, because measurements are so…

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Installing a replacement pool cover

The first step and the most important step to installing a replacement safety cover is getting the pool and the existing anchors measured accurately.  After you have your new cover ordered, you want to make sure all the anchors are down, this is to be sure that we do not get any part of the…

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How Do I Winterize My In-Ground Pool?

In areas like the northeast, where the cold winter weather can significantly affect everything around your home, protecting your most important products from the cold is key. That especially goes for your in-ground pool. Winterizing your pool involves removing water and important parts while preventing bacteria from building in your pool that could lead to…

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Welcome To The New S&R Pools Site

pool water texture

Hello, and welcome to the S&R Pools blog on our brand new website. At S&R Pools, we specialize in pool liner replacements and pool safety covers — so your pool can look good and be safe for your children and pets while doing so. Since 2009, our inground pool liner and pool cover company has…

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A Guide to Choosing a Winter Pool Cover

pool cover installed

Choosing the correct winter cover is an important decision, and what is best for your pool is not the same as what is best for your neighbors pool. Every pool owner has their own unique needs, you should choose the cover that is best for your pool. This guide is intended to provide you enough…

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When is the best time to replace a pool liner?

1. The Right Temperature: It is always best to install a liner when temperatures are above 65° with some sunshine. Liners should never be installed during temperatures below 50° and sunny. If you choose a pool liner that is thicker than standard (20 Mil is the standard thickness for in ground liners) then the need…

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Winter is here

pool liner holding up in winter

S&R Pools is a family owned and operated swimming pool company. Our focus is on our customers and our quality. We specialize in liner replacements and safety covers.

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