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How to install a pool liner?

Unwrapping the Process: Seamless Liner Installation for New Jersey Pool Owners

What is the process for liner installation, start to finish?

Dive into the step-by-step guide for New Jersey pool owners on how to properly install a liner. Want to understand liner installation? Uncover the secrets to a hassle-free process from start to finish, ensuring your pool remains a sparkling oasis.


If you’re a pool owner in New Jersey, you understand the importance of a well-maintained pool.


A key element of pool upkeep is the installation of a durable and snug-fitting liner.


Let’s break down the process, from start to finish, ensuring your pool is ready for relaxation all year round.


Choosing the Right Liner

Select a liner that suits the specific needs of your New Jersey pool. Consider factors like thickness, color, and pattern to match your aesthetic preferences and climate requirements. 

Draining and Prepping the Tool

Begin by draining the pool to expose the existing liner. Thoroughly clean the pool surface, removing any debris or residue that could affect the new liner’s adherence.

Accurate Measurement

Precision is paramount. Measure your pool accurately to ensure the new liner fits snugly. Any miscalculation could lead to wrinkles or an uneven appearance.

Liner Installation

Lay out the new liner carefully, starting from the shallow end and working towards the deep end. Use the pool ends to guide your process, ensuring a smooth and organized installation.

Securing the Liner

Secure the liner in place using coping strips or track systems. Ensure the liner is wrinkle-free and evenly aligned throughout the installation process.

Refilling and Final Checks

Once the liner is secured, gradually refill the pool. Inspect for any wrinkles or air pockets, smoothing them out as needed. This meticulous approach prevents future issues. Book a consultation with us today!


By following this straightforward process, New Jersey pool owners can enjoy a professionally installed liner, ensuring their pool remains an oasis of tranquility.


For more detailed insights and high-quality pool care products, check out our liner installation guide. Your pool deserves the best, tailored to the unique demands of the Garden State.

Choosing a Replacement Liner

S&R Pool Covers and Liners is more than capable of assisting you with your pool project. Speak with our experts today!


Written by Shane Ferris 

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