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    Liner Replacement for Your Mt. Laurel Pool

    Has your pool been losing more water than usual? Is your liner visibly deteriorating or staining? If so, you might want to consider enlisting our Mt. Laurel pool liner replacement services.

    Since 2009, S&R Pools has been the premier pool liner installation business in the Mt. Laurel area. Providing our customers with high-quality, durable liners, liner design options, and unmatched installation services, it is our goal to revitalize your backyard oasis. Contact us today for a FREE quote.

    When people think of their pool, we believe that they should associate it with fond memories — not current issues. If you have a pool liner that is damaged or discolored, it might be hard to look past the damages and remember those fond memories. Luckily, our Mt. Laurel pool liner replacement team is here to help.

    Since 2009, S&R Pools has been the premier pool liner installation and replacement business in the Mt. Laurel area. In the last decade, we have restored countless pools in Mt. Laurel and continue to do so each and every day. Offering custom pool liner and pool safety cover services, our team is here to ensure that your pool is functional, beautiful, and back to normal as soon as possible. Contact a member of our team today to learn more about our services and to request a FREE pool liner replacement or custom pool cover quote.

    High-Quality, Durable Custom Pool Liners

    At S&R Pools, it is our goal to complete each and every one of our pool liner replacement projects seamlessly and in a timely manner — so you and your family can get back in the pool faster.

    Our in-ground pool liners are manufactured and designed to extend the lifetime and visual appeal of your pool. If your pool liner has been damaged in any way, our team would be happy to take a look at it to determine what replacement liner would be best for your pool.

    While pool liners are often marketed to have a lifetime of around 15 years, it is a rarity to see a liner last that long. Overexposure to sunlight, chemical imbalances, and direct trauma to the liner can all cause a pool liner to deteriorate and fade.

    Common reasons that pool liners need replacement:

    • Wrinkling - Wrinkles in a pool liner suggest that the pool liner was not installed properly or has become hydroscopic. Improper installation can render a pool damaged from day one. If a liner becomes hydroscopic, it means that chemical damage has caused the liner to absorb water. Improper installation and becoming hydroscopic can also cause liner lifting — where sections of the liner are lifted by hydrostatic pressure.
    • Fading - Arguably the most obvious way to determine that your pool liner needs replacement is the presence of fading. Fading can develop for many reasons, including overexposure to UV light and chemical imbalances. When your liner has started to lose the color that it once had, it is also starting to lose the plasticizer that once made it pliable and sturdy.  Our Aqua-Max replacement liners are manufactured with a topcoat that reduces the effects of the sun and chemical damage, and gives them a longer life.
    • Cracking & Tearing - Much like fading, cracking and tearing can also be caused by UV exposure and misjudged chemical use. While vinyl is a durable pool liner material, even it is no match to improper care.
    • Water Loss - pool water loss is a natural thing, due to evaporation and the occasional cannon ball. That said, if your pool is losing water faster than it usually does to evaporation, it could be a sign that the pool needs a liner replacement. Trauma and improper liner care can lead to leaks — accelerating the rate of water loss exponentially.


    Contact Us Today for a Free Pool Liner Quote

    If you have noticed that your pool liner is damaged or discolored, we urge you to schedule a consultation with a member of our team today. When installed properly, a pool liner replacement can last you for years to come — and our team has the tools, knowledge, and experience to make your dream of a beautiful, durable pool a reality. Contact us today to request a free project estimate for your Mt.Laurel pool or to ask any questions that you might have about our pool liner replacement services.

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