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    Pool Liner Replacement Services In Burlington

    When it comes to your swimming pool, you want it to look its best so that you, your family, and your friends can get the most out of it. However, without the proper care and attention, your pool can experience various problems that will cause it to look less than subpar, such as damaged or faded pool lining. Pool lining, an often overlooked element of swimming pools, can experience some serious wear and tear overtime — overexposure to sunlight, chemical imbalances, and direct trauma will all do the trick. 

    While sometimes damages can be repaired, sometimes it makes more sense to opt for a complete pool liner replacement. At S&R Pools, our experts can help you determine if a pool liner replacement is necessary for your pool. If a replacement is the best option, our pool liner installers will help you choose the best design to fit your pool and landscape. 

    Our pool liner experts won’t just replace your liner to restore the value of your pool, we’ll leave you with a custom pool liner that is designed to last through years of enjoyment. 

    Your pool is your own personal backyard oasis. That said, when your pool liner is damaged or discolored, it can be hard to see it as an oasis — or a place that you even want to spend much time in, for that matter. Lucky for you, there is a quick and easy solution for damaged or discolored pool liners in the Cherry Hill area — custom pool liner replacement from S&R Pools. 

    Since 2009, S&R Pools has been the preferred custom pool liner installation and replacement business in the Cherry Hill area. For over 10 years, it has been our mission to transform local Cherry Hill pools that have experienced damage or deterioration to their liner. A pool liner is the foundational element of a pool’s long term value, making it incredibly important to keep your pool liner in optimal condition. At S&R Pools, we won't just replace your liner — restoring the value of your pool — we’ll also leave you with a custom liner that is ready to last for years to come.  Contact a member of our team today to learn more about our services and to request a FREE pool liner replacement quote or custom pool cover quote. 

    High-Quality, Durable Custom Pool Liners

    At S&R Pools we offer more than just durable pool liners that are built to last. We also offer unmatched customer service to our clients in the Cherry Hill area. When we start a new pool liner installation project, it is our goal to not only replace the in-ground pool liner, it is also our goal to do so quickly and efficiently so that you, your family, and your friends can get back in the water faster. 

    While a pool is built with the anticipation that it will be over a decade before repairs or renovations must be made, it is often not the case. Oftentimes, pools are not properly cared for or become damaged to the point where repairs are necessary long before the 10-year threshold is met. Overexposure to UV light, improper chemical balances, and trauma to the pool liner are all causes for pool liner damage and deterioration — mandating a need for a new liner. 

    At S&R Pools, our AquaMax pool liners are made with a durable topcoat that reduces the signs of pool liner aging — and our experienced team is here to help you get your pool back and restore it to its former glory. All of our liners are purchased locally from a manufacturer in New Jersey and all of our liners are made with 100% virgin North American vinyl.  

    Signs that your Cherry Hill pool liner needs replacement:

    • Wrinkling - Wrinkling is a sign that your pool liner has become hydroscopic, began lifting as a result of hydrostatic pressure, or was installed improperly. Signs of wrinkling suggest that the pool liner should be replaced.  
    • Fading - Prolonged exposure to UV light and chemical imbalances is incredibly damaging to your pool. Fading is a surefire sign that one of the two has occurred. Our Aqua-Max replacement liners are manufactured with a topcoat that reduces the signs of fading. 
    • Cracking & Tearing - Improper pool care, chemical exposure, and UV light can also cause your pool to crack or tear. When a pool liner cracks or tears, it can’t be repaired and must be replaced. 
    • Water Loss - Losing water faster than usual? It could be a sign that your pool liner has a leak. A replacement liner is a quick and easy fix — restoring your pool water retention. 

    Contact Us Today for a Free Pool Liner Quote

    If your current pool liner is damaged, discolored, or outdated, we urge you to contact us at S&R Pools to discuss custom pool liner replacement. We currently offer beautiful design selections for our custom pool liners, as well as quick and efficient pool liner installation services in the Cherry Hill area. We look forward to hearing about your pool liner installation needs.

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