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    Transform Your Pool

    Your pool is your backyard oasis. It is meant to be a beautiful, clean place for you and your family to relax while soaking up the summer sun. If your pool liner is discolored, cracked, or outdated, your pool might not be as appealing.

    That’s where we come in. At S&R Pools, we perform inground pool liner installations throughout New Jersey to keep your pool looking brand new. With a large selection of beautiful liner patterns and years of vinyl pool liner installation experiences, our team can restore the beautiful, durable look to your backyard oasis. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to request a free pool liner replacement quote.


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    Expert Liner Replacement for Pools

    Based in Columbus, S&R Pools provides high-quality pool liner replacements for homeowners across the great state of New Jersey. Since 2009, we have firmly believed that there is no such thing as a pool that has lost its value – instead, there are just some pools that could use a face-lift. So what are you waiting for? Contact our inground pool liner installation services in New Jersey today to discuss installing an inground pool liner that will deliver maximum enjoyment with minimal maintenance.

    When Do You Need To Replace Your Pool Liner

    Replacing Your Custom Pool Liners

    When it comes to liner replacements for your pool, homeowners typically ask us how often a liner needs to be replaced. In reality, it will be completely dependent on how often you use your pool, how well you balance your pool chemicals, the amount of sunlight on your pool, how often you cover your pool, and various other factors. Because of this, a pool liner can last anywhere between five and 15 years. Below, we have listed a few telltale signs that it is time to consider replacing your pool liners.

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    Fading – One of the best ways to tell that it is time to replace your pool liner is that the colors and designs of the liner have begun to fade. While newer pool liners may be made using UV inhibitors and other fade-resistant compounds, your liner will eventually start to fade because of prolonged light and chemical exposure.


    Wrinkles – There are three main reasons that liners will have wrinkles. When a pool liner is first installed, it could be installed improperly, leaving wrinkles. Another reason that a liner could have wrinkles is that the pool liner floated; this happens when the hydrostatic pressure of the groundwater is greater than the hydrostatic pressure in the pool. For some pools, this happens often; for other pools, this will only occur during a major storm, such as Hurricane Sandy.

    Finally, wrinkles can form due to chemical damage; these wrinkles will develop over time and will be in an area of the liner that has significant fading. Wrinkles due to installation and wrinkles due to a floating liner are both repairable if the liner is “new,” unfortunately, wrinkles due to chemical damage are not repairable, and they are a sign of other soon coming problems.

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    Cracking & Tearing – As we mentioned above, it is not uncommon for a liner to fade and wrinkle due to prolonged exposure to light and chemicals. This exposure can also do quite a bit of physical damage to your pool liner. While the cracks and tears might be too small to see at first, they will eventually become an issue as water is slowly lost.

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    Water Loss – One of the most obvious signs that your pool liner needs replacement is that your pool is losing water at unprecedented rates. While it is normal for any pool to lose water because of evaporation, quick water loss is a telltale sign of a leak – likely caused by an unaddressed crack or hole in the liner.

    Should You Repair It or Replace It

    Pool liner repair is possible, but it takes a perfect storm of a situation to be truly effective. First, your liner must be relatively new – otherwise, there is no reason you shouldn’t consider replacing it. Second, the damages must be located in an area of the liner with a high repair success rate. Most often, when a liner is damaged near the bead and cutouts, or any plastic fittings, the success rate of repair drastically goes down.

    Replacing your damaged pool liner gives you a much better chance that the issues will be fixed, and it adds aesthetic value to your home while doing so. If you suspect that your pool liner is damaged and are questioning whether or not you should repair it or replace it, we urge you to contact us to speak with one of our pool liner professionals.

    Choosing a Replacement Liner

    So you’ve spoken to one of our expert pool liner installers about having a new liner installed. So what’s next?

    Well, first things first, you’ll want to find a replacement pool liner pattern that you love. When browsing our large selection of beautiful, elegant replacement pool liner patterns, you’ll want to make sure that you are choosing a pattern that you will love for years to come – because when our team installs a replacement liner, you can expect it to last. With over 40 custom pool liner patterns, you are sure to find one that you love.

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    Need Help With Your Inground Pool Liner Installation in New Jersey? Trust S&R Pools!

    Getting the best technicians to perform your inground pool liner installation in New Jersey represents an integral piece of the puzzle for keeping your pool looking its best. S&R Pools have helped countless customers with their vinyl pool liner installation in Cherry Hill, Mt. Laurel, Lumberton, Columbus, Eastampton, Burlington, and Hainesport, NJ.

    Contact our team for help installing your new inground pool liner! We’re ready to help our customers throughout North Jersey, South Jersey, and Southeastern Pennsylvania, including in Burlington, Cherry Hill, Chesterfield Township, Columbus, Eastampton, Hainesport, Hamilton, Medford, Mount Laurel, Southampton, and Westampton, NJ.

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