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Installing a replacement pool cover

The first step and the most important step to installing a replacement safety cover is getting the pool and the existing anchors measured accurately.  After you have your new cover ordered, you want to make sure all the anchors are down, this is to be sure that we do not get any part of the cover caught on the anchors.  If we do snag the cover on an anchor it can cause damage to the underside of the cover.  Keep the pool deck clear of anything that could fall into the pool (including your cover springs.)  You are now ready to start putting your new cover on your pool.

When pulling the cover across the pool it is preferable to have two people, but one person can do the job alone.

  1. Find the correct location for the cover to start, when installing a Merlin safety coverMerlin safety cover you should start at the end of the pool designated by the * mark on the box, see drawing for example.
  2. Pull the cover across the pool (for solid covers be careful not to allow water to get on the top of the cover.)
  3. Once your cover has been pulled across the entire pool, you want to attach the springs to both ends of the strap that runs down the middle of your cover.  With an Allan wrench, bring up the corresponding anchors and attach the springs. When you do you should see the cover lift up off the pool water.  Check to make sure the middle strap on the width of the pool lines up with the correct anchors (if it does not align, You should tighten or loosen the spring tension on the strap already installed to get the proper overlap on the ends of the cover and to make the straps on the width align with the anchors.)
    pool cover being installed
  4. Working from the center of the cover continue to install springs on opposing sides of the straps.  Keep working out till you reach the outside of the cover.  Corners of the cover and corners of steps should be installed last and should not be over tightened.
    pool cover installed