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    Liner Replacement for Your Lumberton Pool

    There comes a time in the lifetime of any pool where the liner will need to be replaced. For some pools, it can be nearly two decades between replacement. For others, however, liner replacement might be necessary every couple of years.

    Liners can become compromised because of time and neglect. Regardless of why the liner has deteriorated, there is an easy way to have it replaced. Contact us today at S&R Pools to request a FREE installation quote and discuss pool liner replacement options.

    Your pool is meant to be a place where you and your family can relax throughout the summer — and if your pool liner is damaged and discolored, it makes sitting back and relaxing harder. Luckily, there is a quick solution. Contact our pool liner installation team at S&R Pools.

    Since 2009, S&R Pools has been the premier pool liner replacement business in the Lumberton area. In that time, we have restored countless pools in the area with beautiful pool liners and custom pool covers. If your pool liner is damaged — or even if you suspect that your pool liner is damaged — we urge you to reach out to a member of our experienced team. Contact us today to discuss your pool and receive your free pool liner replacement quote.

    Our Industry-Leading Custom Pool Liners

    At S&R Pools, we go above and beyond to ensure that each pool liner replacement project is executed seamlessly — leaving your pool looking as good as new.

    Our in-ground pool liners are designed to quickly and efficiently resurface pool interiors that have been damaged or have met the intended lifetime of the liner. A pool liner can last between five and 15 years depending on how well the pool is maintained. Common factors that determine how long a pool liner will last include how well the pool chemicals are balanced, how often the pool is in direct sunlight, and how often the pool is covered.

    Common signs that your pool liner might need to be replaced are:

    • Fading - One of the easiest ways to tell that your pool liner needs to be replaced is that the liner has begun to fade. Fading can occur for many reasons, including improper chemical balance and overexposure to UV light. If your pool has had issues with fading, ask about our Aqua-Max liners, made with a special top coat to help reduce the signs of aging from chemicals and UV.
    • Wrinkles - If your pool liner has started to wrinkle it is a surefire sign that the liner needs to be replaced. Wrinkling commonly occurs when the liner was not installed properly, or could be a sign your liner has become hydroscopic.  Hydroscopic means that the liner has become chemically damaged and has started to absorb water, causing the liner to develop small wrinkles. Another cause of wrinkling could be hydrostatic pressure lifting the liner—also known as a floating liner, this is something that is out of your hands as a homeowner.
    • Cracking & Tearing - If a pool is exposed to improper chemical balances or is overexposed to UV light it can also crack and tear. Vinyl is a very strong material when installed correctly, even then it is no match for overexposure.
    • Water Loss - As a pool owner, you know that water is lost to evaporation, but if more water is being lost than normal, it could be a sign that you have a leak. Luckily, a quick call to S&R Pools can solve the problem.

    Contact Us Today for Pool Liner Replacement in Lumberton

    If your pool liner is discolored or damaged, don’t live with it — do something about it. At S&R Pools we would be happy to get in touch with you to discuss your pool and the issues that you have noticed with your liner.

    Once we have a better idea of the pool liner problem that we are dealing with, we would be happy to provide you with a free pool liner replacement quote and schedule a service date. If you have any questions about our pool liner replacement services, please contact us today.

    Check Out Our Pool Liner Designs!

    No matter the shape or size of your pool, our team has a beautiful liner that will fit it. Browse our large inventory of liner designs today to picture how your pool could look tomorrow. Check them out today!

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