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Tarp: A Pool Cover Option for New Jersey Winters

Is Tarp a good pool cover option for the winter in New Jersey?

Discover whether using a tarp as a winter cover for your pool is an ideal option for New Jersey pool owners. Explore why SR Pools LLC offers superior solutions that go beyond traditional tarps.


As winter approaches, many New Jersey pool owners face the dilemma of finding suitable covers to protect their pools during the colder months. With numerous options available, it’s essential to weigh each choice carefully and consider factors such as durability, effectiveness, and ease of use. In this blog post, we will explore whether using a tarp as a winter cover is truly beneficial or if there are better alternatives offered by SR Pools LLC. 


Is Tarp an Effective Winter Cover?

While tarps are commonly used due to their affordability and availability, they might not offer adequate protection against freezing temperatures or heavy snowfall. Tarps tend to sag under weighty loads, allowing debris and water accumulation that could damage your pool structure over time.

Moreover, tarps lack proper insulation properties required during extreme cold spells common in New Jersey winters. This deficiency increases heat loss from your swimming pool water resulting in higher energy costs when reheating after removing the cover.

Why Choose S&R Pools for Pool Covers?

  • Superior Durability: 

SR Pools LLC provides top-of-the-line premium quality covers designed specifically with durability in mind. Our innovative materials withstand even the harshest elements encountered throughout long-lasting winters experienced by our valued customers across New Jersey.

  • Optimal Protection Against Debris

Unlike traditional tarps prone to tearing or puncturing easily, our custom-made covers effectively shield your precious investment from leaves, branches, dirt particles – ensuring minimal maintenance requirements come springtime!

  • Enhanced Insulation Properties

Our technologically advanced designs incorporate insulating layers within each cover variant offered at SR Pools LLC. This feature helps retain heat within your pool, reducing energy consumption and costs associated with heating during the winter months.

  • Hassle-free Installation

With our user-friendly installation process, you can effortlessly secure SR Pools LLC’s covers over your swimming pool without any professional assistance. Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that even first-time users find it a breeze! Book a consultation with us today!

A swimming pool with a blue cover.


While tarps may seem like an economical choice initially, they often fall short in providing adequate protection for New Jersey pools throughout harsh winters. Investing in high-quality covers from SR Pools LLC guarantees superior durability, optimal debris protection, enhanced insulation properties, and hassle-free installation. Don’t compromise on protecting your valuable asset! Choose SR Pools LLC today for all of your winter cover needs.

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Written by Shane Ferris

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