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Why Upgrading Your Pool Lining Could Save You Money in the Long-Run

There aren’t too many ways to actually customize the pool post-installation, but liners provide unique aesthetic benefits while still serving their fundamental purpose. With pool designs that push the limit of modern capabilities, pool linings have started to catch up to homeowners’ demands. So upgrading your pool lining can come with tremendous benefits, especially if your pool contains low-quality lining made with older and less durable materials. Here’s how you can save money by investing in a new set of pool linings today.

Sun Damage Takes a Toll on Old Pool Liners

The sun is one of the more impactful forces in the world, and even the most well-designed products eventually succumb to its strength. Your pool lining can take a beating, but at some point or another, it will start to wear down due to sun damage. The sun’s UV rays weaken the lining, leading to fading and bleaching. Upgrading your liner provides additional resistance to these elements while giving your pool a beautiful look. 

Too Much Chlorine = Too Little Liner

Playing it safe with a good dose of chlorine is never a bad idea, but as the saying goes, “too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.” A ton of chlorination eventually starts to wear away at your pool liner, similar to how too much laundry bleach can end up wearing down your clothing. Eventually, the lining will wear down, leading to an early demise and costing you some hard-earned money. Upgrading your pool lining can restore the integrity of your system with durable liners — but try to keep the chlorine to a minimum!

Modern Pool Liners Are Resistant to Some of the Most Impactful Elements

The benefits of technology have never been so impactful, and they indeed leave a mark on your pool liners. This means stronger, more durable, and beautiful pool liner designs that make owning a pool more manageable and less costly. Vinyl liners like Merlin’s Aquamax liners provide excellent UV ray resistance to weather elements and today’s pool chemical systems. It can even protect against misuse, meaning you won’t be at a high risk of a damaged liner if you add a bit too much of your pool cleaning products. Best of all, there’s always someone out there looking to upgrade pool linings with better products, meaning your pools will be in great shape with every new liner.

Vinyl Liners Provide Tons of Other Cost-Saving Benefits

There are many more advantages to a vinyl liner upgrade, all involving cost savings for your wallet. For one, vinyl liners are less expensive than concrete or fiberglass, but they do a similar job. With those same fiberglass and concrete liners come tons of maintenance needs, which increases the investment cost. Vinyl liners require little maintenance, and there are plenty of designs to choose from. Vinyl is also soft to the touch, so any slips or falls in the pool won’t leave you or your family scrambling for a first aid kit.

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Pool Liner? Turn to S&R Pools!

Pool liners are more than just an exciting accessory. Liners provide tons of benefits and, conversely, can also impact the condition of your pool and the experience everyone has in it. A pool is a significant investment, so why not make good use of it? Start by upgrading your pool liner with help from S&R Pools! Get more information on how to replace a pool liner, or contact us today to explore our various styles of Merlin Aquamax lining and choose the best option!