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How Do I Winterize My Pool Before It’s Too Late?

When it comes to New Jersey winters, there’s often little time to spend sitting poolside and enjoying time in the water. While we have discussed the process of closing a pool in our End of Season Checklist for Closing Your Pool, you may have heard talk about “winterizing” your pool. If you’re wondering if you have already crossed that off your list by closing your pool, you may want to reconsider your position. Here are some key differences between closing and winterizing a pool. 

Why Winterizing Your Pool Is Important

You may know that winterizing your home’s plumbing pipes is important to keep them in excellent condition throughout the colder months, but have you given a thought to your pool? Some people may go with an “out of sight and out of mind” approach to their winter pool care, but it can swiftly come back to haunt them down the line. 

You don’t want any unwelcome surprises coming your way in the spring because you failed to winterize your pool properly. You can get in front of potential issues ahead of time and protect your investment for the long haul. 

Step-By-Step Guide for Winterizing Your Pool

Grab any accessories that might still be in your pool. If you overlooked anything during your closing-out procedure, now is the time to grab it. Double-check for skimmer baskets, any cleaners, ladders, steps, or solar blankets, Clean everything to ensure there aren’t any algae left standing, let them dry, and then store them away in a safe place for the winter. 

Deep Clean Your Pool

Throughout the spring, summer, and fall, your pool can accumulate its fair share of dust, dirt, algae, and debris from constant use. If you allow all of this build-up to linger in your pool over the winter, it will make for a more complex and tiresome cleanup in the spring when you go to open it again. Remove the slit, leaves, debris, and whatever else found its way into the pool. 

Have a skim net ready for surface cleaning and a pool vacuum to get the hard-to-reach debris from the bottom of your installation. Grab a pool brush and clean the floor and sides as well. 

Lower Your Water Level

New Jersey winters can get extremely cold and cause the water in your pool to freeze throughout the colder months. You should lower your water level based on the type of cover you use. For mesh options, bring the level about a foot below the skimmer. Solid covers should be at a half foot below. The process can take a couple of days based on how much water you’re draining.  Your pool water should never be more than 18” below the top of the pool deck, this will allow the pool covers’ springs to compress allowing it to come down and touch the water when a heavy snow load is on the top of the safety cover. 

Drain Your Pool Equipment

Any time water freezes, the molecules expand and can cause significant damage. If there’s water left in any of the pipes and cleaning equipment near your pool, the expanding molecules can ruin your pool equipment, and you have to get replacements. Check your filters, pumps, and heaters to ensure they are free of excess water.  You will also want to protect your skimmer by using a gizmo or something else to absorb the expansion of water as it freezes during the winter months. 

Don’t Forget to Add Shock and Algaecide

You don’t want any bacteria or algae to grow unchecked in your pool throughout the winter months. Put shock and algaecide into your water, and spread them evenly throughout the area instead of concentrating in one place. If you’re using chlorine shock, avoid adding it at the same time as your algaecide. 

Don’t Forget Your Pool Cover

The best way to winterize your pool for the coming cold season is to remember to get a brand new pool cover in Columbus, NJ, from S&R Pools! Our team offers our customers a full range of pool covers and liners to better protect your pool during the winter. We can custom-build one for your pool’s unique dimensions and have it ready for you in no time. Give us a call today to get started!